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PCM Lite is a comprehensive á la carte solution for all your correctional health care needs. It provides answers to the costly and complicated provision of quality care by offering a wide array of products and services. These include pharmaceuticals, medical supplies & equipment, electronic health records, diagnostic solutions, billing services, consulting, development, training, and contract monitoring, with the primary goal of increasing positive patient outcomes while helping you save valuable time, and resources. Choose what you need and leave the rest to us.

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Revolutionizing Correctional Health Care Services
Electronic Health Records

A cutting-edge EHR system that can improve patient outcomes.

Contract Monitoring

Oversight and management of contractual agreements.

Staff Training & Education

Programs ensuring compliance, safety, and better patient outcomes.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

Cost-effective and seamless ordering, tracking, and reporting.

Pharmacy Services

Empowering our clients with proven pharmaceutical solutions.

Diagnostic Solutions

Prioritized laboratory and imaging services to expedite diagnoses.

Medical Waste Disposal

Solutions that comply with state and federal regulations.

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Consulting Services

Guidance and advice from the leader in correctional health care.

Billing Services

Utilizing methods that support aggressive case management.

Facility Hub

A comprehensive repository for essential resources and information.

Health Care Policies and Procedures

Providing development and review for the foundation of your success.