Pharmacy Services

Pharmaceuticals are a significant cost driver in today’s health care landscape. In response, PCM Lite benefits from forged strategic alliances with wholesale pharmacies, granting access to medications at considerably discounted rates. Our managed medication formulary, coupled with 24/7 accessibility to prescription medications further contributes to substantial savings: empowering our clients with proven health care solutions.

We have answers

What is a medication formulary?

Our medication formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are approved for use within PrimeCare Medical. It includes details about each medication including dosage, strength, dosage forms, and any restrictions or guidelines for use. The formulary is managed by our corporate team of medical professionals to ensure that the medications listed are appropriate, safe, and proven.

What criteria is used for determining what medications to include in the formulary?

Decisions about which medications to include in our formulary are based on scientific evidence, clinical trials, and medical guidelines. This helps ensure that the drugs listed are safe and effective for the intended use.