Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste and sharps disposal is a constant concern for correctional facilities. PCM Lite excels in providing safe and secure disposal solutions for these items. Our expertise ensures that all subcontracted medical waste disposal services meet your specific requirements and comply with all state licensing regulations.

We Have Answers

What are types of medical waste?

Medical waste includes various materials generated by health care in facilities, such as sharps (needles, scalpels), infectious waste (blood-soaked items, cultures), pathological waste (tissues), pharmaceuticals, and chemical waste (disinfectants, solvents).

Why is regulatory compliance important?

Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations is imperative. Laws and regulations dictate how medical waste should be collected, stored, transported, treated, and disposed of to prevent environmental and public health risks.

What do I need to know about handling medical waste?

Those that handle medical waste must receive proper training on segregation, packaging, and disposal protocols. They should be aware of safety measures to prevent accidents and exposure.

How is medical waste disposed of?

Medical waste can be treated through various methods like incineration, autoclaving (steam sterilization), chemical treatment, or microwave treatment. Each method has specific guidelines and requirements.