Facility Hub

The “Hub” Is a comprehensive place of essential resources and information. Custom designed for your specific needs, it makes health care more efficient by enabling clients to access and manage all aspects of workflow, purchasing, financing, logs, and forms.

We Have Answers

How do I access the facility Hub?

The facility Hub is cloud based and accessible by any device that can access the internet including computers, tablets, and phones.

How can the Hub enhance security?

The Hub allows facilities to provide and revoke access to various sections on a granular level. The service is hosted in HIPAA compliant datacenters and utilizes the highest levels of encryption.

How does the Hub improve reliability?

System reliability is improved through effective data management such as redundancy and daily backups.

How is it cost-effective?

The streamlined ordering process saves time, increases productivity, reduces waste, and enables better-decision making by offering clearer data and insights. Cost savings are realized through optimizing your organization, so it operates more effectively and efficiently.

How does size or unique features of an organization effect the Hub?

The facility Hub is fully customizable and scalable. Logs and forms that aid in tracking and compliance can be designed for your specific set of needs. No facility is too large or small to enjoy the benefits of this service.