Effective patient care relies heavily on laboratory testing. PCM Lite prioritizes expeditious and precise laboratory services that greatly assist practitioners in patient diagnosis. Through a seamless custom integration, we enable direct import of laboratory results into the EHR, streamlining the process for health care professionals. All subcontracted laboratory services undergo rigorous scrutiny to ensure compliance with state licensing requirements, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety.


PCM Lite deploys one of our mobile imaging partners to provide on-site service without the need for a patient to leave the facility. Mobile imaging offers improved security, increased efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Services include:

We Have Answers

How do these diagnostic solutions improve security?

By enabling on-site collection and imaging, there’s less movement of incarcerated individuals outside designated areas, reducing security risks associated with transport.

How does mobile imaging increase efficiency?

Mobile imaging allows for quicker processing of documentation, identification, and record-keeping while reducing the need for physical transport of documents or patients.

How are these diagnostic solutions cost-effective?

Both on-site collection for laboratory services and mobile imaging reduces the costs associated with the transportation of patients. Maintenance of traditional diagnostic equipment becomes unnecessary by employing more portable and versatile technology.