Medical Supplies & Equipment

By leveraging strong connections with our suppliers, PCM Lite provides substantial cost savings on your medical supplies and equipment purchases. Utilizing our user-friendly facility “Hub” for purchasing streamlines and automates the ordering process for a hassle-free experience. The proprietary Hub is cloud-based and entirely customizable. It facilitates seamless ordering, tracking, and reporting of supplies and equipment.

We Have Answers

What is the facility "Hub"?

The “Hub” Is a cloud-based comprehensive place of essential resources and information. Custom designed for your specific needs, it makes health care more efficient by enabling clients to access and manage all aspects of workflow, purchasing, financing, logs, and forms.

How does innovative technology help with ordering medical supplies and equipment?

The Hub centralizes ordering of medical supplies and equipment for utmost efficiency. It seamlessly connects between departments, aligning orders with patient needs and available resources. Real-time inventory management ensures precise tracking and optimization of stock levels, preventing shortages or excess. Remote ordering enhances accessibility, allowing anytime, anywhere procurement. Data-driven insights derived from advanced analytics empower informed decision-making, providing usage trends, supplier performance data, and predictive analytics to anticipate demand and streamline logistics efficiently.